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Why it hurts seller when Order is cancelled due to buyer negligence?


In last few days I had to cancel two orders due buyers negligence that are new on fiverr and did not know how to use platform. Its clearly mentioned in my gig description that the basic package includes only 15 components but clients with 70+ components order basic gig and when I ask for revision they just declined addition amount request and asked to do that in base package so I had to cancel the order.

So my point is why fiverr is not taking steps to reduce this type of issues? We get high levels by really working hard and at the end we got punished for the mistakes of buyers.


Why we get punished for things that are not our fault?

Well, that’s a question that has been addressed many times and it was never answered by Fiverr. I guess it’s just easier to punish all cancellations than to have a system that makes a difference between something that is our fault or not.

It’s also easier to not bother to listen to the sellers and offer some kind of feedback. It’s also easier to implement things without thinking about the ones that provide the revenues.

My money is on they choose what’s easier for them. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yup, it hurts when the the buyer really doesn’t understand the rules and cancels last minute. My brother has a business where he sells bags, he gets pretty frustrated when the order is cancelled. So sorry that you had to face something like that


We are also punished for the actions of sellers who because they feared getting a bad review would cancel orders so that they could maintain a 5 :star: rating. :roll_eyes:

Then unsuspecting buyers would hire them thinking they were reliable, :scream_cat: when their reviews did not reflect their true ability. :slightly_frowning_face:

That is why Fiverr has taken such a hard line on not excusing cancellations or changing reviews. :angry: We have those sellers who canceled multiple times fearing bad reviews to thank. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I respectfully disagree. If some taxpayers use a law loophole to not pay the taxes, the lawmakers will be justified to extra-charge all taxpayers? No. Unjustified implementation is not the fault of the cause, is the fault of those that apply it. Managing a system like Fiverr was meant to come with errors that needed to be fixed, but it was meant to be fixed in a way that made it better for both sellers and buyers, not one way or another.


@vickiespencer wasn’t saying it was fair or justified, she was just explaining one of the reasons why it’s been brought in as it has. :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course it’s not right and needs to be fixed, but I’m not holding my breath!


The reason I mentioned has been discussed at great length in Forum threads in the past. It was explained to us that were here at that time in someway. But I can not lay my :eyes: on that thread just now.


this is an observable problem i am currently facing. buyer place order in basic gig but expect delivery files like premium :roll_eyes:
some of them request totally new thing using modification button or send some other premium files as reference.


It is a problem many of us now face and have faced. :confused:

I think some buyers do this kind of thing on purpose to get free work from sellers who fear to lose a level.:slightly_frowning_face:

Personally, as hard as I worked to get my level, I will cancel an order before I do free work. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

In the long run, it is my profile and reviews that attract buyers and not always my level. :blush:

In talking with some buyers, it has been discovered that some think level 1 is better than level 2. :laughing:


Fiverr used to explain to us? Wow, where is that mistery land now?

Nonetheless, it still looks like they adopt the easiest solutions they could find without taking into account anything else but the satisfaction of the buyer in the last year or so. I haven’t seen a sign that our opinion matter sadly. :slight_smile:


The new review system took a long time to implement, and I did not enjoy the implementation process. However, Now that the review system is a changed, I like it. :nerd_face:

I do wish they would do something about how the order by mistake thing affects our stats though. :confused:


Yea, they fixed that, so +1 for that. I like it how it is now too. Maybe the repetition of cases where sellers get unfair punishments will bring a result too. :crossed_fingers:


And not only that. There are also these potential buyers whose content seems to have been written by a 10 year old child, and pretend translation to be the Quixote.

Needless to say, only willing to pay $5 for such an odyssey… :roll_eyes: :smirk:


I don’t think they will change anything about order cancellation rate. Even though it dissapoints me greatly.

I recently dropped them an email asking to forward the feedback to development team and this is the reply I got

I covered other parts because it’s info about one of the orders I had.

Out of topic orders. Order Completion Rate. Terrible UX

It’s spelled O R D E R not Oder. It’s not hard to spell. Why not fix that title?

It depends on the individual you get responding to you in customer support but they do know generally that it’s an unfair setup when cancellations hurt the seller but so far they have not changed it.

The reason for it was so many sellers cancelling orders rather than getting bad reviews. It would work well if they would take a look at each seller’s number of seller initiated cancellations and reasons for cancellations before demoting sellers over this. Chargebacks are one thing sellers cannot control and often are victims.


Fixed, Thank you.

My concern was that why fiverr is not taking actions to overcome this issue? When it is clearly mentioned that do not buy this gig if your circuit has more than 10 parts and some buyer still order that gig and ask for the work that is not even fall under premium package and also force to complete the order within the package he chose or he will going to cancel the order. Where is seller fault here? I also written in gig description that “Please discuss your project before placing order” but still some buyers dont bother to read description.


Yes it’s a problem most sellers face at some time. We are allowed to cancel 10% of our orders but there can be times when even that amount is not enough. And if you get only a few orders usually it can amount to just one or two cancellations that demote you as a seller.

My suggestion is to raise your prices more to try to discourage cheap or dishonest buyers. Buyers who do this are cheap. They try to get more than they pay for.


Yes, I increased prices already. Thank you for your suggestion.


Also you can always try sending an offer for an extra where you ask for more money if it’s over what the gig allows. You never know, they might just realize they need to spend more to get what they want.


I dont know why they can not add “Order Accept/Reject” option. This would be a great break through for most of the sellers.