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Why it hurts seller when Order is cancelled due to buyer negligence?


They don’t want orders cancelled. It’s up to us to figure this out, how to make it work.


First I always try to convince buyer to increase budget but when they do not agree then I cancel order.


You can have an extra they can add if they want more so that you can just send them that offer when they do this.


That’s exactly what I asked to send as a feedback and that’s what they answered. :woman_shrugging:


What if a buyer just don’t read description and order basic gig ? and at the end do not agree to increase budget or any add on?


Then you just go ahead and do it anyway? Or cancel it.

But always send that extra offer when they do this and have a careful explanation for why they need to pay more. Raise prices on your gigs until you don’t get this type of buyer. Keep on raising prices.


I never said don’t punish a seller due to his/her negligence. My point is if a buyer do not read description and start order or even some buyers place order to demote level (Spammers) then what should a seller do ?


If they are doing it on that starting price of $50 try a price of $60, then $65 then $70.

At some point you will stop getting these cheap buyers.

That is a big jump between $50 and $100 so they do it to save $50.

I can see you get enough sales that you can raise your prices.


I am taking these measures now. After putting "Discuss your project before order " in description greatly reduced order cancellation rate but 10% is still a small number and even one or two orders in a month can effect the ratio.


For the type of highly specialized work you do you should definitely have a higher basic starting price.

Yes I have the same concerns about that 10%. It’s not right for sellers to be in this position.

Regarding your prices, you have $50 for 15 components but $100 for 25.

It’s not logical. 2 X $50 = 100 so they should get more than 30 for $100. Give them at least 35 for that, or figure out a more logical price range.

$65 for 15 and $100 for 30 would make a lot more sense.

Then you could have an extra of 10 for $20 or something like that.

From $50 to $100 is too big a jump in prices.


Thank you for your suggestions but thats not how circuit design work. PCB complexity is not linear with components. Even going from 15 to 20 adds a great complexity in the design. Thats why my prices are like this. Anyway these are just estimation, Most of my orders are from custom requests after discussing with clients.


Oh I see. Well to someone not familiar with it, it doesn’t look logical but I assume your clients know about what you said.


Almost all of my clients are aware of the PCB complexities but only new clients create problems when they don’t read description or don’t want to increase price or request something that is not possible to accomplish.


They read the description if you have a high enough price. What you are describing means too low a starting price in my experience.


I have more issues with people not knowing what a commercial license is for and then not wanting to pay after they order because they don’t think they need it (even though it’s obviously for a business). I even had a FAQ for “who needs a commercial license” on my Gig.

Every single order I’ve done has been completed on time. I get one cancellation because the person has a commercial script and doens’t want to pay for the license after they’ve order. Completion rate drops to 88%.

The Fiverr development team could use better logic in putting their algorithms together. If you want to factor in order cancellations, they should be factored in at a SMALLER PERCENTAGE of the order completion rate than ACTUAL orders!

EDIT: Now I’ve had ANOTHER person cancel because they didn’t want to pay for the license.


I hope you can figure out a way to prevent this somehow. I find it discouraging when I look at gigs that require a commercial license, because I don’t want to pay for them if they are over about $20. It really depends on the seller, the level of his reviews and how good I feel they are, if they are “worth it” or not.

For example I know one voiceover artist who charges $100 for his commercial license, but he does voiceovers for National Geographic and is amazing. But for the average voiceover artist anything over $20 would be discouraging.

Perhaps you could have a package that includes it? There must be some creative way to provide it so people don’t cancel their order.


The category it is in doesn’t allow for packages apparently (there is no option within the Gig under narration and voice over). I have packages set up for voicemails (where commercial is included by default), but that’s in the voicemail greeting category. I wouldn’t want to force it in the cost, but have commercial licensing disabled as an extra, because realistically it wouldn’t be part of the agreement that way.


I think your best bet is to include it in your price and increase the costs. Fiverr is not a platform where you can deal with these things and not be affected. Cancellations will result in demotions, and it’s simply not worth it. :slight_smile:

I got demoted twice from 2 to 0 because of orders placed by mistake, so… Do what you can to protect yourself. Fiverr doesn’t care.