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Why its difficult to get order in starting

Discussion open for every one…

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For me it was not difficult I guess I got more orders using buyer request. Now as I am Level 2 seller I get orders but I hardly use the Buyer Request and sometime even for a week no order comes. When this happens I again go to the buyer request section.

So what I mean is if you use Buyer Request in a Right way you will not get difficulties. However if you just use 10 requests and do copy paste then you can’t be successful. So try to analyze well and apply for only those jobs you can do quicker to get some good reviews :slight_smile:


That 's a great job…

Yes mate if Buyer Request is used effectively I am sure in 10 request you will get 1-3 order though small may be but reviews are key at start.

So never worry that 30 have applied if you think you can do it just apply and directly tell how you can solve this problem or how you can do this with better quality :slight_smile:


Thanks dear. For telling a good thing

Your gigs look great. You look very friendly in your profile shot. Your reviewers give great feedback. All good. I’m glad you’re doing so well. You seem to deserve it. :slight_smile:

Thank You sir :slight_smile: I applied same method and still after 100+ review I never over charge what I think I deserve I charge that and I have almost only 1-2 customers who didn’t agree to my price. Keeping fair all goes well for me :slight_smile:

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I too had a look at yours and you are a business giant :slight_smile: The cute kids I loved that heheh Best of luck :blush:


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