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Why Its Happening In Buyers Request...?

We MrA Developers have been using fiverr for a long time and we have been observing that there were always 15 to 20 buyers requests available wether old or new but they were available and we made a good success. Now the buyer’s requests come rarely or have come down drastically in last 2 months. Is this happening to you guys also?
I know buyers request come according to the gigs created but i have not changed my gigs.
Why is this happening I am having a bad time since then, my orders have gone down a lot.
All of your suggestions about getting more orders, success tips are welcomed.
We are providing Web Development, Desktop Application Coding And Technical Related Services.
MrA Developers

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Even previously, You are just allowed to post offers up to 10 in a day.

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Yes but now buyers request come so rare that i can not even send 10

Yes, this is happen these days only 2 or 3 buyer request visible and most of the time there show no buyer request