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Why It's Like this for all

nothing will happen for nothing
so just happen nothing

We can’t really help here, only fiverr support can.

But a couple of things to consider: not all orders are eligible to be cancelled and fiverr support might need time to look into your issue.

it’s just unclear by everything

So I don’t understand what his the problem then.
If the order is cancelled that means that money were returned to your account.

Or do you mean you want a transfer from your fiverr account to your payment provider?
If so, then again only fiverr CS can do that and it might take time.

so it’s ok for all but not for

DO NOT do a dispute via Pay Pal or you will be banned by Fiverr.


now all done for someone do this

Look you are asking the wrong people. We are just random users, we have no power over Fiverr.

We also have no access to all communications between you & Fiverr so for all we know Fiverr said it will take 30 days or something and you didn’t read that.

Talk to CS and see what they have to say.


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