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Why it's necessary for regular activities in the Fiverr community?

Why is it necessary for regular activities in the Fiverr community? Please answer me senior brother and sisters


If you’re not active, you’re not learning. If you’re not learning, you’re not improving. Those who are stagnant and still are not growing.

(Not a senior, not your sister.)


Thank you so much for advice me

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Why is it necessary for regular activities in the Fiverr community?

When you are active on the Fiverr Forum, you learn how to be a better seller because your English skills will improve. English is an essential skill to have when communicating with buyers who are mainly from English speaking countries.

Also, you will learn what is not acceptable to call English speaking users. As @imagination7413 pointed out. In English speaking cultures, most do not like to be called, sisters, brothers, bros, mates and so forth.


You have already got a very useful tip today. I hope you now understand why it’s necessary to be in the community.

In addition to what others have said: if you’re asking if it’s necessary to be active on the forum to get orders, no, it isn’t.


I’ve not used the forum at all for about a year in between. I’d say if you already know what you need to know to work on Fiverr, you don’t necessarily need to be active on the forum, but it’s quite handy because updates are being discussed here whenever something changes, for example regarding the Terms of Service or events.

The only big difference between being active or not on the forum for me personally is that I work much more motivated when I check the forum and interact with members “regularly”. I think being a freelancer can feel really lonely sometimes if you don’t have “co-workers” and that negatively impacted how enjoyable I find working on Fiverr.


We are here for whats kind of issues how we can help each others. its not mendatory to stay here.

If you active fiverr community then you will learn more and you can improve your skill.