Why just have $ 3.92 from fiverr.com


just have done one project for $5 ,after long time ,I connect my paypal for money.

but I goto paypal .Why just have $ 3.92 from fiverr.com.


That’s a good question OP. I mean, Fiverr should provide a robust marketplace featuring over 2.5 million gigs (including yours, providing you with a safe and stable avenue to exchange service for cash )… For free.

How DARE they not give you the full five dollars? They take 20%???



Reply to @apicturesworth: You’re so aggressive :slight_smile: Consider a sincere answer first maybe LOL


:frowning: hmm 20% fiverr fee


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I am pretty sure he was kidding


For the free advertising you get from Fiverr marketing their page, I think the 20% cut they take out is a bargain. Think of it this way. In order for you to get that $5 order, how much do you think would have spent on advertising to get that exposure and that particular order? Fiverr is good for jobs worth your time. If you’re spending too much time on an order, break down your service into smaller services. Once you reach at least Level 1, you can make gig extras and use those break-downs of your gig to increase your profit margin.


The 20% fee is on the high side but well within the range of fees charged by other marketing outlet sites like this. I do think that the 20% cut they take from shipping fees is outrageous, though. No other site I’ve participated in takes a cut from postage. (On Amazon, they actually share the postage fee with their outside sellers!). A seller then has no choice but to jack up the shipping fee in order to recoup the actual costs of packaging & mailing products. If we were selling high value items then that cost could be more easily absorbed but when a seller is only getting $4 (less transaction fees to PayPal) then it’s simply gouging both the buyers & sellers on Fiverr. Since they also take funds from buyers at the point of sale but withhold them from sellers for a few weeks, Fiverr is also raking in a great deal of interest, too. So with all the money they make on our gigs, the least Fiverr can do is advertise to the stratosphere & back.


The 20% fee is more than reasonable in my opinion. There are costs involved in the money transfer as well, so it isn’t as though the $1 they take per gig is pure profit, far from it.


I mean it is worth it, you are using their service after all. it would get a better chance for your gig to be seen on Fiverr than going ahead and making yourself a whole new website. I mean they give you a free form, unlimited gigs to add and they also promote good ones and allow you to see ur ratings, what more do we want?


Reply to @kjblynx: There is no fee over $50?


I agree, only withdraw when you need to or when you have a substantial amount in your revenues.

If you feel you work too hard or too long for the $4, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your gig? You could try and create a more basic version for $5 and add Gig Extras where you can. Work around this so you have a good wage per hour :slight_smile:

The 20% fee is reasonable if you think that Fiverr has to run and maintain the site, provide us with 24/7 Customer Support, Advertising and promoting our gigs, etc. It’s a lot of work :slight_smile:


Withdraw after you have $50 and you’ll get to keep even more of your money! Paypal only takes $1 at that point.


Fiverr takes $1 from every $5 you earn. That is completely reasonable, they provide a great website & traffic & framework for you to setup gigs & start selling them. Level Up & you’ll get to earn more. Paypal has a $1 fee when you withdraw money from fiverr.

The 13 or so days it takes for gigs to be completed & cleared can be a concern for people but if your consistently gigging, you create a stream so funds are always clearing. I usually withdraw every two weeks or every month depending on your fiverr balance. One other thing is the Fiverr debit card, GET IT. It is awesome! I always had to withdraw from fiverr to paypal,then transfer it to my bank which took 3-5days. The Fiverr debit card gives you access to your balance instantly.


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Reply to @getbestlinks: $3.92 = $5*80%- paypal fee.


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