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Why...just why did you even message me [ARCHIVED]


I don’t understand, all my prices are up front, right there on my gig. So are my gig “rules”. So why, why do you message me and waste my time? Seriously, I was kind enough to listen to your request, even though you requested a large amount of work for so little, you wanted it the next day and it was homework which I specifically state twice in my description I do not do.

I explained that I would not do all that work for $10, I was very nice about it, I thanked you for contacting me, apologized that I would not be able to help you and wished you the best of luck in sincerity.

You continue to ask why. I explain the items required for the project and that I would not be able to complete the project for the price you are looking for.

You ask how much. I stated my prices, what it would cost you, even gave discounts and explained I normally create databases for small businesses/personal use and that it would be best to find someone who specializes in access homework.

You reply with “ahahahahahaha peace” Really?!

I have never had the pleasure of talking to someone on fiverr more immature than my 6 year old daughter, but I guess theres a first time for everything. The worst part is you’re a seller also, how would you feel if someone tried to get that much work from you for so little and be so disrespectful?



This is a kid who pays someone else to do his homework. What do you expect? :wink:


took me an hour to explain someone how to order today I sure earned that 16 bucks oh wait I still have to do the work…


Reply to @dsaldridge: Yaaa…I know better… but he said please lol


Reply to @matt_garry: Man, I find myself helping people a lot with that too, mostly when there’s extras involved.



I came to this corner of the forum in order to be able to rant before I start cracking this morning.

Over the last few weeks I have had this buyer ordering Dutch which I found pretty fun and challenging to write. One order or multi - order in 4 days is o.k. to combine with other orders. This is a buyer who does not ask before ordering. He just drops his keywords and I get cracking!

At first everything went well. I am pretty resourceful and creative. There is a lot you can do in 4 days. So I went along with it because I could. Over the last few days this person started ordering on a daily basis.

At this moment I got 2 orders from the same person in less than 24 hours with several other orders ongoing! The buyer is somewhat aware of this I guess because with his last order some time during last night, came a note that he needed the work done in one day and that I could ’ pause ’ his other gigs?

It sounded a bit like as if he was my only buyer. I have got other buyers who did have the decency to ask first and who also rely on me.

I only recently became a level 2 seller and I want to deliver a good job, not deliver something that I cannot because that will not work in the long run.

@accessgirl I sometimes wonder about people here. At first I was not going to rant here, but when I read yours I could not help myself.


Reply to @belgianwriter: Totally understand! I’m lucky enough that my buyers usually message me before they order. I also made sure to add to my gig twice that they do this, that helps too.

My favorite messages are the :Please help me I need this today/tomorrow/yesterday/in 5 minutes/asap. I just make sure to explain to them I usually don’t do one day deliveries, I have orders before them and theres an extra fast option if they would like it delivered quickly. Most are pretty understanding.

You could always drop him a message and let him know that you appreciate his purchase, but you do have other orders and although you will do your best to get it finished quickly you will deliver in the time that is stated on your gig and if he has an order in the future that needs a quick delivery on he should contact you before hand to check if you can do it.

Most likely if you don’t say anything, the buyer will always order this way.

Also, do you have the extra fast option available? You could add that on and refer him to that the next he needs something done quickly. If he doesn’t want to pay then just default to your estimated delivery date.