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Why leave buyer feedback?

I’ve been here on Fiverr for years and I often wonder what is the purpose of leaving feedback for a buyer. It does not seem to show anywhere.

As a seller its very important to get good reviews and 5-star ratings. But it just does not make much sense for buyer reviews because nobody can see the buyer reviews! (or can you somewhere?!?!?)

I’m fortunate enough to get several messages a day asking for my services from potential new clients. But it would be nice to look at the potential shoppers rating as well. Lets face it, there are some buyers out there who are just harder to work for than others. A buyer with a 1-star rating and loads of bad comments would make me reconsider working for the person, or at least prompt me to increase my price knowing I could be in for a frustrating experience.

The shoppers can see our rating for past sales, so why not the same for sellers to see how buyers are rated? :slight_smile:

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