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Why less than 90% Positive Rating can not Send Buyer Requests? [CLOSED]

Today ,I am sharing Some experience and face problem on fiverr. i think it a is relay a problem for new fiverr member Who can not known the value of Positive rating in fiverr. because Some of New people can not no the Value. and then their value is going down to 90% than can send requests to buyers .So in case thy face problems and orders . Order ration going Down .then new members facing trouble.
So any Of Experts please Comment me who can resolve new members that problems which thy facing.

guide me who can increase Rating ??

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To increase your rating, you’ll either have to get negative reviews removed or get more positive reviews from other buyers. Review removal isn’t easy at all, so your better bet is to get quite a few good reviews. You need as many 5 star reviews as you can get to push your percentage back up above 90%.

reviews of my order is Better but delivery time is late .Because of this response time is less than 90%
its is not the bad review .It is due to Late delivery Order
my problem is than how can increase Rating

Response rate does not affect much of anything. It does not affect your overall rating and it does not affect your ability to bid on Buyer Requests.

It is REVIEWS that affect your overall rating. Your overall rating is now lower than 90% due to reviews, not due to response rate. You can get a very bad one-star system review if you deliver late and that’s probably what happened to you. The only way to fix that is to get more sales and more 5 star reviews. Customer Support would tell you the same thing.

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