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Why make me wait to find out you aren't serious?

1/3 of the gigs I have purchased have been no shows. Granted I have only bought six, If you don’t want the gig, then why is is listed? Maybe your business is not as important to you as mine is to me.
Just let me know you are not interested so I don’t spend the time waiting on you to do nothing. I am on a time line and would appreciate you letting me know that you are not interested.
I know that I will eventually find someone that I can depend on and that listens to what I and wanting and needing do. When I find them, it will be awesome to not have to go from seller to seller to seller.
Do your best and give your best, I am here hoping to help small businesses grow.
Getting off my newest soapbox now.

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It’s best to visit a seller’s profile first to check the activity. Seeing when the last delivery is and the latest reviews, you can have your decision later.
For large project, it’s best to contact the buyer first before placing order. Typically active sellers will response in 24 hrs or less.
That will help you avoid inactive sellers.


Thank you for your response.

That’s awful, and shouldn’t be that way. No matter how many gigs you purchased. There are good sellers out there, and we pride ourselves on our services. Sorry to hear.

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Thank you. I have had only one truly good gig so far.
I have one that demanded 5 stars. I still haven’t posted a review.
I will find the cream of the crop here.
I am a jeweler and I am front and center anytime someone requests my business.
I guess I need to realize that not all people treat their business in the manner I do.

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In my own opinion, I believe communication is key, a simple question can give you insight about the seller, “can you do this?, how do you intend to accomplish the task?” by so doing, you can picture the end result.