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Why many of your new followers dissapear?

if you get offer with new followers…in a week they start dissapearing…of course after you paid…

That’s because they are “Bots”. Not real and created with software. It doesn’t take long for the fake accounts to get closed and… Well. You know the rest.

If you’re going to use these types of gigs make sure to ask if the person used “Bots” and check some of these accounts before you leave good feedback. It’s easy to check. Click on one of the followers and look at the profile. You can usually tell if it’s a fake or not.

In the end… Buyer Beware.

See other posts on this throughout the Forum.

They are starting to appear all over Fiverr now. I am getting weird requests from people and I also assumed they were bots.

@vinaiolo Now a days there is less sales in fiverr. Because the change of some technical issue. After 2015-November, Then fiverr gets slower. Because of the search and technical issue of the website, Fiverr should improve their site more like before.


@vinaiolo that happens because they are not organic traffic, it is bot traffic as in those are not real people fallowing you. Next time you are ordering GIG with followers makes sure you are buying organic traffic and don t really believe tho ones which offers you over 1000 followers in period shorter then a month.

The question is why buying followers?

I have received offers from people promising to drive traffic to my gig, but the little i know about selling and buying followers on twitter and facebook wont allow me patronize them.

For me, the best follower you can get are those who found you through organic search as a result of your activities on social media and other forums; my view!

Always check feedback on your chosen seller and specific gig so you’ll know their expertise, they show you samples and what not.