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Why max out your gigs to 20?

You really want to max out your gigs to 20 as this will allow more buyers to find you from different categories.

Then what you can do is recycle your old gigs that don’t sell as well so you’ve always got fresh cutting edge gigs.

I kind of need to take my own advice here as I have a few older gig with lots of reviews that probably need their videos redone to revive them.

It’s a lot of tweaking and in enhancing of your gigs that will get people ordering as that gives you a higher conversion rate.

How many gigs do you have that are live right now?

What has your experience been?

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Murray / Creativeman

This may be true, but it also means more managing. I do a lot of gig tweaking so that would only cause me more work if I had 20 gigs to go through and alter prices, etc. Plus I’ve not heard of any definitive evidence that having multiple gigs improves your income.

I’m not saying it’s a bad idea. Heck, I saw one artist offering what looked like the same (I’ll draw you as a Simpson character) gig 3-4 times in their profile. I assume they had them in multiple categories (gifts, illustration, cartooning).

That’s true, but I wait until I have gig ideas. I don’t want to create a gig for the sake of creating a gig.

Every gig will require a gig image, a description and sometimes a video. Before I do all that, I want to make sure it’s a good idea.

I need to setup and recycle tons of gigs it is very time consuming, but show people you are capable of different things. I try to be very diversified, plus its nice not to have to do the same gigs and change it up.

I tried making a new one recently but it is nowhere to be found. Only my regular clients have purchased it.

If you gonna make 20 gigs with the same quality and passion then that can be a good thing. But, if you gonna make 1 good gig and 19 pretty bad ones which are there just because you’re hoping there is a bigger chance you will get a customer, in a long run, I think that’s bad idea.

so there is not problem? if we create the same gig but have other categories and maybe different keyword too since fiverr make it limited to only 5

Unless it changed over the last 24 hours, I’m ranked 3rd in my parent category and 2nd in my sub-category, and I only offer one gig. In the past I offered lots of different things, but I found that it split my buyers and took focus away from my core offerings. Having said that, it’s not strictly bad to have multiple gigs, but they need to be substantially different from each other. If there’s very little difference between them, or the +19 gigs you have listed are poorly assembled, then they can actually do more harm than good.

Offering a LOT of gigs is helpful for attracting attention and getting new clients to notice you, but again - unless the new gigs are substantially different from each other, or are poorly assembled, they’re not going to have the impact you want.

I think that we all have our views and experience on the subject. My personal belief is that having as many Gigs as possible helps a lot, provided they are all more or less of similar topic, for example I wouldn’t sell social media advertisement and Reiki healing. That said, I have a friend who is selling a similar product to mine and has only 1 Gig and is making more sales than I do with my 15 Gigs.

Yeah, I’ve heard this is a great idea through different articles and other Fiverr sellers. I really need to get on this, but it’s hard coming up with 20 gig ideas sometimes lol! I currently have 4 gigs live right now and I am trying to slowly add variations of them.

20 gigs would be for people who take fiverr as full-time work. You really won’t have time for anything else

I have about 8, and 20 is just too much strain to take on for me personally.

That is when all your gigs are selling.