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just a picture not perfect that why Fiverr remove my gig…. and when I go Fiverr forum than I see one man uploaded a pic… and there white a blog type…

I have almost got it’s 80%… Now trying to find out 20%. I am just facing a problem with picture SEO… Does the picture resolution matter? i have using 680 x 453 px.

Then fiverr send me an email and say…

Creating Your Gig (Policy)


Only use images, videos, audio or other content fully owned by you. The media you use may also include samples of your work.

Note: Do not use copyrighted images, otherwise your Gig will be removed. Do not provide any personal contact information in any of your media content.


  • The images you use should be clear, high resolution (not pixelated), and in the right dimensions.
  • You may upload up to three images that describe or are related to your Gig service.
  • You have the option to have a Fiverr watermark added to your delivery preview and on completed orders in your Gig portfolio. For more information.

so, what I do now!


Probably that guy make gig and use that pic before you can edit it on photoshop and then go to menu 》 file info then put your info and copyright text.i tink this will help to you avoid to copyright violence.


The email is crystal clear. Use only images that you created YOURSELF but didn’t download from the internet or stole from someone else.


ok but it’s not copyright issue @ pranob07


thanks but that images creates myself @ mariashtelle1


If you edited any pic and add something else or change color I think that not conflict.

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yeah I think so but fiverr Clem pixel issue @ pranob07


So you can change resolution and size.


yes I change resolution Or size and uploaded tomorrow night but fiverr clem me again Today at noon @ pranob07


Sorry bro Then I don’t know any solutions except image change.


yeah me too but what i do ? @ pranob07


I see that on both your other gigs you used stock images. So I’m pretty sure that for other gig that got denied you used something similar.

What out of those pictures you created yourself? Did you take that picture with a man sitting with an iPad? Or did you take the picture with few hands on it? If not then most likely those gigs also will be removed due to copyright issues sooner or later.

If you still can’t see what you are doing wrong then your account might not survive for long.

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yes but that was a video @ mariashtelle1