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Why me? See this problem


I feel some problem. Day by day my gigs click and views down. I would appreciate an answer, please.


The people here are mostly other sellers like you so we cannot tell you for sure why your views and clicks are down. However, I have noticed as a seller that there is an ebb and flow to impressions, views, and clicks because Fiverr seems to have an algorithm that allows for that.

I understand that English is not your native tongue so you should know it is more polite to say, “I would appreciate an answer please.” When you use the word “expect” it is like you are given an order to someone and may make some people less inclined to help you. :wink:


Sorry for my writing. And many many thanks for your information.


I understand your error as I knwow English is not your first language. I thought you would like to know to avoid this issue in the future.:slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, English is not your first language. So I will try to avoid the issue.


I will suggest you do a total revamp of your gigs. Take a peek at the top sellers, see what they are doing and how you can do better. Implement your discovery on your own gig.

You can consider changing your tags and improving gig SEO. Plus also, gig images too.