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Why moderator rejected my video?


Hello friends,
Can someone answer please why moderator rejected my video?What the reason is?



It’s over 1 minute long.

You need to make this video 30-35 seconds shorter.

and you never mention that the gig is exclusive to fiverr.


A Moderator didn’t reject your video. The Editorial Team rejected it!

Run time 1:27 that’s too long, keep it under 6O seconds top.
I didn’t watch the entire video but make sure you include “Exclusively on Fiverr.” along those lines.

Let’s see what else MP4 output.


That’s too long, yep.

But from my experience, you don’t need that literal “Exclusively on Fiverr”.
They just want to see that you made this video exclusively for your gig promotion here.
For instance, you could use the fiverr logo on the book cover or something like that.