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Why mostly People do not read the fiverr regulation and rules?

Hi, everyone.
I have a question why most People do not read the Fiverr regulation and rules and start? After few days they start complaining i.e they are not getting orders, they are blocked blah blah……
I think everyone should read all these instruction.
and then try to work they will get more jobs, better client and more earning.

any suggestion will be accepted and welcomed :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you,

yes absolutely right and fully agreed with your concern. Every new seller and buyers need to Read TOS first. :slight_smile:


Some people are just too lazy to do any work like reading anything.

They will prefer making “I am not getting orders” topic in this forum more than just simply using Google. So, I wouldn’t expect these peoples to read TOS. LoL!

Because there’s NO audio or video version available of these rules and regulations. Watching or listening to rules is WAY better than just reading for hours and hours!

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People like to see movie and video song. So It will be great if there are some video version of TOS :slight_smile:

They still wouldn’t watch the video.