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Why multiple gig order dosent count as a multiple order? it should be

Multiple gig order should count as a multiple order, what do you think?

To be honest, not really.

Some buyers like to order without gig extra. For example someone orders 100$ gig. And they dont use extra, they just use 20x quantity of 5$(basic) gig. So that shouldnt count as 20 orders.

That would be unfair for others that are actually doing 20 different orders. And with that people would easy reach 1000 orders.

Reply to @arty182925: I agree what you said but there is a but single $5 order count as an order one,

multiple order meaning more than one so if it is not counting as a multi order seller should have some advantage for it, Today i dont have suggestion for it but it should be something…

Reply to @preetiyoga: I know what you meant, but it just isnt possible.

For example, new sellers comes here. And with only 6 different orders he or she could get to level 2, and that isnt fair at all.

For level 1, 2 orders and 5 multiply on them. Thats 10 orders then, and when seller comes to level 1, he or she could get 4 new orders with multiply of 10 (as 10 you get on level 1) and that is total 50 orders. And then level 2.

That would be biggest problem.

But again, I know what you mean. For example. Someone order 3 book formatting from me and he or she pays only on 1 gig. And then I get only 1 order(review) for 3 jobs.

Reply to @arty182925: you got it if it cant count as an multiple order than when client leaves a review it should show somehow that it was multiple order gig. example we can get different color star for number of multiple gig.

2 multiple get red star 5 gets blue and so on…

Reply to @arty182925: New sellers who want to charge more for an order and can’t because they can’t do as many multiples typically have the buyer order the base gig several times to reach the price total. It’s all only one order they’re working on yet it’s counting as more due to the multiple orders.

I don’t think multipliers should automatically count as multiple orders either, just saying that this particular concern with new sellers being able to progress faster on less work already happens.