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Why my 2 Gigs have been removed by Fiverr?

Hi, Actually I am a Graphic Designer. My gig description is very unique with my other gigs & I didn’t copy from other users. Though two or three lines are similar to all gigs because it is my dialog. Also, all the gigs picture are unique which were designed by me. All the service are different. Now the question is why Fiverr has removed my gigs?? I need everyone’s opinion. you can check my profile:

Advance Thanks

If they’ve been removed, how can we see them? :wink:

Added - were they similar to the gigs you’ve now got on your profile?


It appears that the gigs have been put back so this thread could be closed.

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Fiverr said update asap

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This possibly?

So not removed but moved. :slightly_smiling_face:



I received this notification today.