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Why my 2nd order is not coming?

I have complete my first order and get 5 star review. But there is no other order coming. why? why i can’t get my 2nd order? I don’t understand that, please anyone help me to get my 2nd order.

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When the pandemic hit the earth thousands of new sellers joined Fiverr. The simple truth is there are more than likely more sellers than buyers available to purchase the services.

Your gigs are in a niche that is heavily competitive. There are 35,312 other gigs for logo design. 92.434 of the sellers that offer logo design are new sellers.

With those odds, it is surprising you got one gig since you have been here only 1 month.

There are many people that may have told you making money on Fiverr is easy. It is not.


Hey man!
I hope your 2nd order will be there very soon
After my first order i got my 2nd order after almost a month

Optimize your gigs and stay patient man
Best Regard:D

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thank you so much…

thanks brother…best wishes…