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Why my 6 gigs not coming to any impression after 6-month?

We are facing a problem in 6-month. In this situation what can I do. my new gig created 7 days ago impression only 8
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Do you have any suggestion please comment below

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Hi there.

Try to get a good tag.
You won’t get any visibility if you choose a wrong tag and wrong field.
Plus…, for a new gigs, it’s important to do promotions from them.
If you do nothing, even you wait for another year, your impression won’t go up at all…,

Try to promote them on social media - like twitter - facebook group - IG - Youtube.
(Which correct way ofcourse - you need to find how to do it yourself)
or if you have fund, you can try hire someone to help you.

Wish you luck,


Thanks for your advice, I will try it