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Why my Account Disabled

Hii Fiverr My account is disabled. I think it is a big mistake done bu your team. i have worked hard on it and reached a level. My all funds was at the account. I do all the things according to fiverr terms and policy.But my account disabled without any warning. You can check my all reviews. you can check my account i have done all the things right. I want to know what is the big reason for what my account disabled my all hard working and progress destroyed. Username- sandykho Please check it and i want the complete answer that why you are doing like this. waiting for your answer


Nothing we can do - you’ll need to ask Customer Services - good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Fiverr is fraud.
They are deleting the account and taking the money of sellers.

You’re entitled to your opinion of course - maybe better not tell them that when you want your funds in 90 days though.

All the best! :sunny:

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How can i get my funds at 90 days.
And can i activate my account.

CS sent you all the info - you’ll need to speak to them I’m afraid.

Fiverr never do anything like this without a reason. You must have received an email from Fiverr explaining it.

You’ll receive another email after 90 days informing that your account is activated for 24 hours. You can withdraw your earnings within this time.

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Fiverr never take sellers money. All the money will send to seller even after disable account within 90days.