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Why my account do not get 2 level?


I have got 50 orders completed but i can not get the 2 level message why???
Anybody help me.


Maybe it’s your rating? I think you have to be above a 4.5 average for level 2.


You can check my account link, and tell me the best result. can my account able to get???


I’ve already checked your account, and your average rating is 4.5. You probably have to get above that to be level 2.

So try harder to meet your customers’ needs, I guess?


Thanks, I’ll trying to hard work


I have one more question,
Before my rating show 89%, will i completed 5 orders with 5 stars, but my rating has show 89% what the problem at there?


Again not sure, but I think that will have to depend on how many reviews you have in total. Obviously, you’ll have to do the math yourself.



You can go ahead and contact fiverr support.

That way you will find out first-hand what the problem really is and how you can resolve it.

I wish you success


Give me support link,


You could find the link yourself, or at least say “please”.
Furthermore, you need to complete 50 orders in 2 months. Looks like some of your reviews are more than a year old.


go ahead man. wish a good future


want to get quick 2 level but i have completed 50 orders, waiting to get the message.


I don’t think that you can go up to the second level with 89%.


I can not get any message for 2 level what should i do now?


You should deliver more orders with 5 star ratings. That’s what you should do.


To get to level 2 is it based on the number of orders or the number of reviews? I ask because @sundas20 only has 34 reviews.


@vickiespencer It’s based on the number of orders.