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Why my account get flagged

lately my account get flagged as the email says ‘Your account was flagged for using the delivery button to send incomplete, partial, or an empty delivery.
To provide a pleasant buyer/seller experience, we ask that you deliver the requested work within the agreed upon time frame. Abusing the delivery button is a violation of our Terms of Service and harms the integrity of our marketplace. We recommend changing your delivery time or extending the delivery time within the order (if you are unable to meet the deadline).
This is your first reminder. Another violation of Fiverr’s TOS will affect your eligibility to achieve a level one seller badge.’ , i did send the buyer an image but i send the real video (delivery ) to his email , so what to do now , i want to remove this flag , what should i do ?!

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To his email? You mean that you have contacted the buyer outside of Fiverr? That’s a huge Terms of Service violation. You should be happy that you have received just a warning and that you haven’t been banned.

Read Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and stop breaking the rules.


However you send the delivery you should always send the full delivery in the delivery box. even if it means sending the delivery twice or more. Also contacting and receiving payments outside fiverr can cause suspends of your account and they could even ban you for it.

but when i upload video like 200mb the uploading progress start to have a bug it starts the same upload twise sometimes i need to reupload it and it’s a very not king thing to do , so i send the delivery ti his email as it’s easy and fast

You just admitted to a second terms of service violation by contacting him outside of fiverr. Please read and follow the terms of service.

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You can upload the video to DropBox and send your buyer the link in an attachment. That way, it’s not an empty delivery, and you’re not contacting your buyer outside of Fiverr.


oooh this didn’t came to my head thanks a lot mate

I also received warning , I delivered work in delivery box and I’ve proofs of delivery…

At the bottom you will see conform or accept option. make sure to click it. That way fiverr will know that you understand the process.