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Why My account is disabled in this time?I am not violated or any warning in this time?

Todays,I will want to add Payoneer account in Fiverr marketplace.But I cannot add this payoneer account.When I inter into my email then fiverr message me ,your fiverr account is disabled?

What is the main fault?
1.add payoneer account they disabled this fiverr account?
2.I cannot write any payment method any buyer?

I am facing this problem alltime?

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Help us better understand what happened. In any case you should contact CS to solve the issue.

Did you mentioned a payment method to a buyer?

No,I am not telling any buyer to this payment method,15 minutes ago i want to add this payoneer then they message me?your fiverr account is disabled?

I see, but in this case we know as much as you do about this, so contacting Customer Support as stated on the email is the best you can do, you can ask them what happened and clarify the reason of why the account was disabled.

Yes, as long as your account is disabled you can’t send or receive messages.

when I will want to add payoneer account?they message me your fiverr account is disabled?what is the main reason?

Until you don’t contact Customer Support and ask why your account was disabled you will not know the reason. It can be other things, so the best you can do is to contact them asap.

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Thanks to help me?I will always try to contact fiverr customer support?

There is a strong chance it had nothing to do with Payoneer. I looked at the screenshot you displayed before it was removed. You cannot add screenshots like that to the forum since it had the names of other Fiverr users. I can tell you that some of the things you were saying by message did not look like strictly professional conversations. You will have to follow up with Support from here, but if you get to use Fiverr later you need to read ToS carefully and user the Fiverr message system ONLY to discuss professional matters with potential buyers and buyers.

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