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Why my account offline not back to online


why my account offline not back to online
please help me



Mine is also showing that offline although I’m online and responding to messages. I have a feeling it might be a glitch that’ll probably be fixed soon enough.


I’m having the same problem. Glad to hear it’s just not me.


this problem is facing everyone… so don’t worry, its a bug maybe


Having the same issue. I’m offline even after refreshing the browser. But no worries! I got a quick solution. Refresh your mobile app and it’s all good.


How do you do this? …


Just open the android app on your mobile if it is closed. If it is open but not used for a while, just swipe down to refresh.


Can I buy you a drink? :grin:

Thanks for the awesome tip it worked! :ok_hand:t4::sunglasses:


Yeah, I accept drinks, snacks and foods.:sunglasses:


again Thank you all my dear