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Why My account Warning!

Hello Sir, I am providing a payment gateway set up service with a website on the Fiverr platform. Most buyers want to install PayPal on their site so I need their PayPal mail and password for my work. So when talking to most buyers, you have to type the word PayPal/payment related communication over and over again.
I previously know Fiverr all terms and conditions. I have not disobeyed any of your laws. And I didn’t make any money transactions outside of the marketplace.
Please do not do such injustice to me. I’m honestly saying I didn’t do that.

Pick up my waning. Again review my screenshot.

I respect Fiverr Support.

New Seller
Username: Eliash_Kawsar

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You could create support ticket telling Fiverr all you said here, that its required for the order, and that you’re not taking payment outside of the Fiverr system. You could see if you could get the warning removed since you need the details for the order.

Also in future, don’t mention that paypal word in the inbox. Make sure there’s a requirement field set up for the paypal details if it’s required for the order/gig (as well as any other requirements). You could check with CS to be sure.

edit: Though if the warning is because of the message about paypal it’s strange that the Trust & Safety team approved the message.