Why my all gigs denied


LAst night My 4gigs suddenly denied . I didn’t see any notice and I didn’t get any claim in my buyer or anything . Why my all gigs denied I’m level 2seller. And My all gigs have more order. Why My ordered gigs denied By fiverr. ALso My gigs too old And top review. I have no more negative review or something else. Are you explain me sir. Thanks

Why my all gigs denied anyone help me

you posted on the forum.

what you need to be doing is sending a message to fiverr’s customer support.

no one can help you here.

As far as I can tell you offered gigs that were breaking ToS. (craigslist one for sure)

edit: oh I see the CL gig is still there? Hm, then I don’t know what the issue is. But you should definitely contact CS.


Thank you sir. I’m definitely Contact there. But still I didn’t got any response . Hope I’ll get one solution .


Sir are you talking Craigslist report my gigs and taken down my gigs? Can you explain me sir


You can discuss this with Customer
Support, but they will not respond on the forum. You may want to show them your M.I.T. credentials, Dr. Fernandez.