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Why my buyer request are 0


i don’t know why but i have zero buyer request in some of my categories… anyone else with the same problem?


I guess you are New seller and if it is true then sometimes there are very less BRs. Don’t worry it will change. Few things you need to improve.

  1. Make maximum gigs in maximum subcatagories.
  2. Try to remain maximum time online as BR rise for few hours.


Same Problem with me


I experienced that for some days as well since I’m new too. The request section is just returning to normalcy for me. Just hold on and keep being online.


contact the support office


If you are a new seller you have to wait. It will be normal. You can check it for more details.


Sometimes there are less or no buyer requests.
You can change your gig tags or category. Make different category gigs for more buyer requests.


Hey! That’s my post. Yeah, I’m still in the same boat. It really fluctuates.


Lol thanks for all your replies, I don’t know how but now my buyer requests have started to show… :slight_smile:
Thanks again…


I agree with @mmh4560