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Why my buyer request are not getting responded?

I have already sent 101 buyer request and got a response only one buyer. why i am not getting proper response from the buyer? if anyone can help me out from this situation it will be a great pleasure for me. Thank you.

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Try to send a professional buyer request.

  1. Gretting
  2. Answer buyer question.
  3. Why buyer select you.

Most important when you write offer show that you actually read this buyer request.

When I was buying graphic for my gig I made buyer request, one guy started his offer with “Hi sir/maam I just read your buyer request…”

That was a solid red flag for me as I think my profile avatar actually shows what gender I am

And this is why you shouldn’t use templates


@michal247 thanks for your suggestion. But i never start my request with sir/maam. i always start with hello if i got the then i say hello followed by name.

@afzaldesigner78 i always try explain myself in this way but still didnt get much response.

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