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Why my Buyer Request was not Approved


I recently launched my Gigs. I am doing my best to promote my gigs on Internet regularly. But at the same time I had post a Buyer Request. But It did not get approved. I have seen many similar request on BR. But my Request was not approved. I am still with no orders. Now I do not know whether should I post Buyer Request again. How many offers one can send in BR in a week


There is a difference between a REQUEST and an OFFER. If you advertise your gigs in a request it will most likely be rejected. You can make 10 OFFERS to buyers per day.


But I have seen many similar request on BR. But my Request was not approved. So I was worried about what went wrong from my side


You’re not allowed to advertise your gig in BR.
BR is for people who are ASKING for services, not OFFERING them.


you are not allowed to advertise on a sellers request page, fiverr gives you many option to advertise outside fiverr. Fiverr also puts your gig on their front page from time to time. I believe that you received a warning about trying to do this. (you have seen other people advertise). You should know that only buyers visit there to submit offers, so if you go there and say you are offering a service, a buyer will think you are looking for that service. In short trying to advertise on a sellers page will lower your rating and it is also a waste of everyone’s time


Posting in BR about advertising your GiG is not only against the rules but also worthless as buyers cannot access this area and why a seller will buy a service from another person he deals in?


true, nevertheless his question is legitimate as I see MANY such offer-postings in the buyer requests section every day, how comes those many other offers DO go through thoug !??! Isn’t it strange?
On the other hand I had a 100% legitimate buyer request rejected, so the way fiverr is handling the whole thing is at least questionable …


Buyer can’t even see other buyer’s request. On fellow sellers can see it.