Why my buyers cannot buy more that one gig?


Hi, I have a gig, and I have sold 1 gig already, I have a client that want to buy 60 gigs but he has to buy them 1 per 1, thats not goo I will lose the client if I do not solve this. help please!



At your level that is all you can do. As you level up, you’ll be able to offer buyers more options. http://fiverr.com/levels

Good luck!


Baaaa… that sucks, >=( where I can complain?


Reply to @voiceoverwork: What do you recommend me? what options do I have?



Complain right here all you want. But Fiverr has levels and when you signed up that was the deal. Your option is to have the buyer buy 60 gigs, or come back later when you are Level 1.



The only option you have right now is to level up. If your client wants to order 60 gigs from you and on completion marks them as complete you should level up to level 2 in one fell swoop with just the one client.


Big problem T_T jeje because my client does not understand well fiverr is a nobai he just want my services…


I would suggest breaking the work up into smaller projects for the client. I am not sure what you are providing. Maybe you could have completion points. If the job is that large and complex, it may be difficult to provide that service on a fiverr gig. Keep your gigs really simple and you will have great results. Simple is easy to deliver consistently and simple can look awesome. It would make me nervous taking 60 jobs from someone that I haven’t worked for before. What if they reject the work and give you bad feedback? What would your rating be? 1 Positive feedback and 60 negative? I think there is some geniousness (word?) in the levels, I don’t think we always can see it, but the levels can prevent some account problems for new Fiverrs. I know it was frustrating for me, but all the work I did the first 60 days was an investment in my business. I put a lot more time into those first 100 projects. I wanted them to be awesome. I new what it would mean months down the road and in under 90 days, it has already paid off. Message me if I can help anymore.


you have reason landongrace

anyway thanks for everything…


Simple solution. Have 9 of your friends buy you gig. Then s/he can order 4 at a time. Another option is ask him/her to do 10 quick orders a day and that you’ll deliver the 60 gigs worth for 50 or 55 gigs as a “thank you” for the extra trouble.

It’s REALLY not that hard to order, especially if he has Damn Quick Pay.