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Why my client is not giving me a review?

My client is not responding since I delivered the order.It’s been two days no reply and my client is not online.I will probably get the money after 3 days if my client don’t respond, but I won’t get a review for my work which is bad.

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Buyers are not required to leave reviews, and you cannot force them to leave a review either. It’s their decision if they leave you a review or not (keep in mind that some buyers prefer not to leave a review instead of leaving a lower review)

Also, not all buyers are online all the time - some of them barely have time to stay online, others don’t have permanent internet connection, some temporarily come and go, etc.

P.S. you could, however, send them a message asking them to review your order (do not ask for specific number of stars, that is not allowed!), but there’s a risk you might not like the review and regret it :wink:

Did you know that many top sellers get only ~60% of their orders reviewed? It’s just life, you cannot have everything :sunny:


Thank you for the brief answer. :wink:

Yeah But I think the way fiverr works, you really need reviews when you are a new seller to get more orders.

I know, which is why the reviewing part depends on a lot of factors such as meeting the client’s quality expectations, impressing them to the point of making them want to review you, etc.

I thought it was moderately detailed, definitely not brief - were you expecting a more detailed/longer answer? :slight_smile:

No man that was more than enough information I required.I was actually thanking you.
Once again Thank You. :wink:

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