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Why my Completed Order arte getting canceled?

Hello guys, I’m wondering if some of you have been in this situation.
I just woke up and realize I got ANOTHER completed order canceled by the buyer after 2 weeks. I already contacted Fiverr Team because of the 1st time, but it happened again!!
I’m so disappointed and I don’t wanna work for free… :frowning:

You’ve given us no context.

It will happen when buyer request paypal dispute. Nothing you can do about that. sometime its happen be possitive

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I completed an order 2 weeks ago, the buyer rate me with 3 stars.
The money was in my account(pending to withdrawn). Today, I got a message saying that the buyer canceled the order and he got a refund(my account went from 100$ to 5$)
My question is, why after 2 weeks, with the money already in my account, the buyer is still able to cancel the order?
If I had withdrawn the money I would be in negative?

That isn’t context of the cancellation. How can I help you decide if you were wronged or not without that?

Simply knowing it was cancelled doesn’t tell me anything.

I do not like working knowing that maybe in 2 weeks I will lose my money because the buyer took the money from PayPal. I really appreciate my work and time. I’m trying to be positive but I need to feel safe.

I don’t know why he cancel it. I just got a cancellation.
How can he cancel it if it’s completed?? If the money is already in my account why they took it from me?
As I know, only customer service can cancel it(just in the first 14 days)
(The completed order was 17 days ago)
I do know what else to explain to get understood.