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Why my completed orders were canceld by customer support after mutual reviewed

Here is the thing:
A buyer named “*****” placed 9 orders on me, ask me buy digital products for him, which value are total over 1000$, and these orders were completed and reviewed by buyer with 5 star, the weird thing is after 2 days, I received notifications that these 9 orders were all suddenly cancelled by customer support, and the money were refunded to buyer. I suffered a big lose, and I contacted the customer support for 2 times, and still got no response about this issue after 2 weeks.
I’m really hopeless about this. anyone been experience like this?

Any buyer can do a PayPal chargeback up to 180 days after the order was delivered, which is why offering a gig like

is a really bad idea.

I’m sorry you’ve had such a huge loss, but I’d delete any gigs that offer any service like that - you’re going to lose out big time.

Please can you delete the buyer’s name BTW?


Naming and shaming other users is a violation of the forum rules, true, but this buyer is no longer on Fiverr (I guess that they were banned after the chargeback). :slight_smile: