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Why my current Gig image does not represent the service?


I had an active gig with this title: "I will add the tattoos you have designed to your photos"

But ] have received a notification from Fiverr Editors with this message: "Your Gig needs some tweaking before it can go live.

We will review your Gig again after the following changes are made:

Your current Gig image does not represent the service you are offering. Please change it to an image that represents your Gig."

I really think that my image represent the service exactly. The images that I use in this gig are what I exactly do in the gig. Please tell me what to do?

The images is attached.

Here is the DESCRIPTION of the gig:

Sometimes perfect photos need some tattoos which your model doesn’t have.

I am Mehdi and so experienced (more then 12 years experience) in photoshop editing. Let me add the tattoo on any photo that you desired.

Basic ($5): Adding up to 3 tattoos on 1 to 5 photos (up to 3 tattoos for each photo).

Fast delivery ($5): Deliver within 1 day.

What you need to do:

Contact me: Send me the photos and tattoos. For best result send me tattoo image by white background.

Order: Order and wait for the big surprise.


pls help me!


Reply to @kjblynx:

Thanks for response dear kjblynx and sorry for images’s problem. I fixed them.

  1. Of course I have not taken the original photographs, myself. But These images are The exact result of my photoshop editing work.
  2. You can check my images now. I really don’t think they are not appropriate


Maybe if you crop the pix and emphasize just the tattoos instead of distracting the viewer…


Just as a side note, why are you using such sexual photos for your examples?

But for the matter at hand the title of the gig not matching… I can kind of see where they are coming from.

In your title it says "I will add the tattoos you have designed to your photos"

It says nothing about that this is for models.

Wouldn’t something like “I will photoshop your model shots and add tattoos to their body” work better and be more accurate of what you are doing?


Another thing would be to have a photo with a before and after of the actual photo…and also maybe tweak the gig description to include more information and sound more professional. GEt rid of “wait for a big surprise” and state clearly what kind of files they will receive, that kind of thing.