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Why my fiverr gig blocked in linkedin account?


When I try to marketed my gig in linkedin account it shows that (ACCESS TO THIS PAGE HAS BEEN BLOCKED ) . Is it a bug of fiverr or its a problem of my marketing strategy


LinkedIn could have blocked it if they think it’s spam.


How I can I fix this


I think Reddit and linkedin started blocking Fiverr links globally.

The amount of spamming and scammers posting daily links made that possible.

There’s no undoing that.


Why am I not surprised… :roll_eyes: Especially when it comes to LinkedIn, a platform for professionals is unlikely to have a good reputation if it’s full of spam.

So, it’s only allowed on the Fiverr subreddit now?


It looks to me that soon every website will block fiverr links as people are spamming everything they can get


Yeah we have all those gurus that constantly preach “share your gigs on social media daily” to thank for that.


…who haven’t made a sale yet, but keep “preaching” in order to gain “community leadership” or whatever.