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Why my Fiverr Gig Ranking down from page 1 to 3?

Hello Experts, I hope you all will doing great. But I am not doing well because my all gigs are becoming down from page 1 to 2 or 4. Due to this I am not getting too much of impressions. Off course no Orders. This is the same happening with other gigs too. But the below Gig was on first page and now it is on 3rd Page. Can you please check why this happened?

Nobody here can check to see why it happened. Most likely it’s because other gigs are performing better than yours at the moment.


My best selling gig went down even all gigs down there must be issue in Fiverr system

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Sure, if that is what you believe then go right ahead.


My gig have 480 reviews and other gigs without rating and on first or second page.
But my all gigs went last page.

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Every month for a few years someone coming here and saying that their gigs down and that’s surely issue with fiverr system.

According to how systematic it happens I would assume that the algorithm works as it supposed to wether you like it or not.


I don’t think system work as you mentioned I am not a new seller

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And? Maybe you wouldn’t mind reading all other stories on the forum?

Even old sellers experiencing it when fiverr rotating gigs to give a chance to new sellers :woman_shrugging:

But if you still believe that there is a bug you can always contact fiverr support team (though we already know they answer that they will give)


Probably you got bad review, cancelled order or delivered order late. These are some of the factors which matters most of the time when your gig is going down deep. My personal experience. As long you get good reviews, share your gig on social media platforms, deliver on time and don’t cancel any order. I don’t find any reason of your gig being pushed deep down to the bottom. Always try to keep 5 star rating, order completion above or at least 90% and delivered on time above or at least at 90%.

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How long can I wait to see gig come back?

Everything is green and ok rating is 4.9

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re-check your gig tags. You will probably get to the top page once you start getting regular orders.

Order was coming regular but suddenly my all gigs went on last page in each category.
It has been a month now

The only option you have now is to follow up with your previous clients and apply through buyer requests. You need to start getting orders again to be at the top. This is how fiverr algorithm works to my experience so far.

I’m also not a new seller (I’m almost 5 years selling at fiverr), and my gig was already placed in the last page of best selling gigs, while my gig is the best selling all time at vector tracing category.

Yes, fiverr rotates gigs to give them a chance. Not only a chance to new buyers but also those “shy” and discrete gigs.

This is happening thanks to those sellers who are always complaining that they want a chance. Now that they get it they complain they lost it. Crazy, right?

This is the problem, If you suddenly gain ranking, by getting this fiverr chance, don’t forget you can suddenly lose it, because another seller is getting a chance too.


That is called spam and can get your account banned if a previous client reports you.


Ok, Fiverr should again rank or our carrer stopped?

There are hundreds of posts about this.

It is really simple, and please don’t feel bad. New and discrete gigs sometimes gets a chance, and fiverr algorithm places them at the top of first pages, to help them boost their sales.

For this, someone who was in the top of the ranking, lost their position to give a chance to these gigs, like it’s happening with you now. As you got your top placement from another seller, now your are giving your placement to another.

I believe we can call this fairness, right?

Unfortunately this happens because A LOOOOOT of buyers were asking, in the past, a chance to be on top of rankings, without any reason. Now that they had their chance, they are complaining they lost it.

This is why I was always against GIVING placement, instead EARNING.

These new sellers who asked a chance didn’t realize that someday they would become veteran sellers and would lose this.

New seller is temporary. Veteran sellers are permanent.


How spam If you are getting order from old Clients that is not a span

Fiverr don’t need to do anything.

Why would your career stop? I’m sorry to say but fiverr works like the real world. If you want orders, you should run after this, and not wait for fiverr do something for you.

You can sit and wait fiverr rank you back (which could happen or not), or you could run after more sales like a normal people do outside fiverr.