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Why my Fiverr gigs are not searchable I am level-1

I Have five gigs and non of my gigs is searchable. even yesterday I achieved level-1.
All orders come from buy request and from social media advertisement.

So I am not seo expert … Can any help me out ?

Please see my gigs and guide … thanks

Gigs that offer serviced related to 3rd party sites social media are most typically not listed in search. Since those gigs often cause complaints from the social media company, the Fiverr editors don’t focus on them.

They don’t always take the gig down, but they don’t list them in search so you have to do your own promotion. You could submit a ticket to Customer Support to ask if your gigs are in editorial focus or if yours are intentionally left out of search.

Thanks for reply and good feedback…
But many gigs related social media services are in search list …