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Why my funds are not yet available?

Why my funds are not yet available? What’s happen to me, It’s my first bad experience!

Anyone can explain me about that?

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Once an order is marked as completed, it will take 14 days for you to receive your money. The funds will pend clearance for 14 days, and after that, they will be available to withdraw.

In your case, it probably hasn’t been 14 days yet, so the funds are still pending clearance. I hope this helps!


Yeah, It’s should be clearance on 22 January, But now 24 January. So what’s is the problem?

Well, that is a little odd!

It’s probably because today’s the 23rd (only 1 day after it was supposed to be available), so maybe it hasn’t pended yet due to the time zones. I would suggest waiting 1-2 days and if it still doesn’t pend clearance, then you should contact Fiverr CS.


Thanks for sharing your experience with me

Could possibly be to do with it being the weekend, I believe this can affect transactions but not sure about Fiverr.

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Actually, I don’t know what’s wrong with my account.