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Why my gig after some changes don't appear after click on it?


I make some changes on my gig’s images and after that my gig appears as always in the results with the new photos but when i click on it says ''oops…We are sorry something gets wrong…Anyone knows what happened?

Thank you! I will appreciate everyone’s help!!!


Thank you for your fast responce!

This will be ok after a while or i have to submit a customer support ticket first?


Submit a ticket so they know there is a problem. I’m having the same issue and if you don’t submit ticket they will not be aware of it.

Here is what I said in my ticket

I can log in to my account ok, but when I go to my account at: and click on ANY of my gigs I get the following message “We’re sorry, but something went wrong.” HOWEVER, if I click on another members account and click any of their gigs I do not get this error message. I ONLY get this error message when I click ON MY GIGS (all 3). This is hurting my sales and has been going on for more than 24 hours.


Reply to @steveeyes: Thank you! I will submit a ticket now!


UPDATE: now it only seems to happen when I’m logged in. If I’m logged in and go to and click one of my gigs, I get the OOPs message.

If I’m NOT LOGGED in and go to and click one of my gigs I DO NOT get the OOPs message.

So if it is only happening when I’ m logged in, is the same thing happen to other members who are logged in when they click one of my gigs?

Would someone that is logged in to their account go to my account at and tell me if they are getting the OOPs message when they click one of my gigs?



Reply to @steveeyes: One of your gig show “Oops …”


Sorry for the boring 1 minute video. I just started using camtasia.

It has been hours and I still don’t know what to do. No response to my ticket from CS.


1ST PART – shows you my experience when I’M NOT LOGGED IN - no problems

2ND PART – shows you my experience when I AM LOGGED IN TO MY ACCOUNT – this is where I have problems.

It is unnerving and even though I’m trying to be patient, it would help if Customer Service let us know the status or responded to my ticket.

BELOW IS THE VIDEO LINK TO SHOW YOU THE PROBLEM (video is about 1 minute long)


p.s. Yes I cleared Cache…yes, I tried several browsers