Why my GIG Denied


Hi, I am new to Fiverr, was recommended by a friend and now I am getting addicted :slight_smile:

I want to know why a gig is denied. Whereas I a have tried making very simple gigs as others did, still its called spam. There is no specific reason mentioned in the email. Will appreciate your help.


The gig you were making would be already on the fiverr that why they did mention it as a spam. It happen with me to once when I made a new gig they did denied that. Fiverr has its own rule to accept or deny a gig.



A gig can be denied for a number of reasons.

You don’t offer much to go on regarding helping you.


There’s not any help we can give you really. The forum is basically for Fiverr members.

We have no power or authority to really do anything. We are not fiverr. LOL

You should send a message to Customer Support. They will tell you the reason.