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Why my gig denied?

why my gig denied …

and let me know what i will do? to again reactive it. i have more then 8 review on that gig.

Please read Fiverr privacy policy.Also you can see a red mark notification in the above.Read that carefully and do as like as notification.


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Guys help me out?

with it,

The reasoning is clear in the message Fiverr sent you as to why your Gig was denied and taken down. It violates Fiverr’s TOS. It will not be reinstated either due to that reason. Even though tons here sell “likes” or “reviews” they go against many sites TOS as well as Fiverr’s.


It seems you have removed the message Fiverr sent you or it has been edited. That message explains everything. Go re read it.

@ genuineguidance Thank You for response. I read everything and still confuse many seller selling review and rating but every one on fiverr why my gig.

I am doing everything in proper way and have 5 star rating with 100% positive feedback.

May i again it activate with changing description…

i was thinking someone else claim that my gig description same as other.

AM i right?

If you read my post, you would have seen the part that said that even though there are other sellers here selling the same thing, it is against the Fiverr TOS. Either someone brought your Gig to Fiverr’s attention, or you tried to edit your Gig and that made it get suspended. Either way, NO, you cannot reinstate it, nor will Fiverr. It has nothing to do with your Gig description being like anothers, and everything to do with what you are selling: a Gig that is against the TOS. The message Fiverr sent you is not confusing and lays it out for you. I suggest you try taking it up with them, but you will probably just get the same explanation and message IF you get any reply due to the fact they have already clearly told you why your Gig is denied.


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My gig was denied too… I´m clueless about the reason and i can´t find a help´s button or something. I´m starting in the platform even when i have an account since 2015… Is sad i had good reviews and a really well done job. How can i reactivate it? Is possible? Or at least to know why I did wrong… I don´t want to upload more since i don´t trust the platform anymore… Why they don´t have a contact button or something alike… Or at least give you the reasons to deny your contain…

You can contact them at:

Or through the email address.
They should have given a reason somewhere (eg. in an email/somewhere on the screen) but if they haven’t you could ask them through one of the above contact options.

If you want specific help you just need to create your own new topic.