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Why my gig disappeared from few hours


I made a vintage logo gig. It had a sale within few days. After that it appeared n recommend list. But it disappeared from the list now and it is no where. Just vanished. Can anyone help me? :frowning:


The way the Fiverr system seems to work is that it rotates the gigs it features on a regular basis (sometimes minute by minute).

For instance if you go look at the gigs featured on the homepage right now and then come back and 10 minutes and refresh the page, there is a good chance the you will see an entirely new set of gigs featured.

Hope that helps.



Matter is t is just only few hours. Also other gigs with that still there. But why me only?


It has some techniques. Fiverr will place the new arrival gigs on first page. If anyone put 1 order, then it will be disappeared. After the review of that order, it will be reappeared. Kindly check it after get the review


I see your gig have several orders. You should work and deliver them to get great reviews. and wait it back or no !



Thanks now it is visible. But it is going down!


Reply to @nptmedia:

Yeah working on them to deliver. Thank you for the info!


Same happened to me… after few sales my every gig goes down. I hardly make any sale from new clients… any suggestions?


Reply to @premiphotos: Try adding some attractive pictures and a video. Also deliver gigs soon… with quality. Best of luck!


Reply to @anadesigns: I saw your gig in recommend tab.

Congrats! :slight_smile:


Reply to @nptmedia: Yeah Thanks. Now I’m troubling with busy! :slight_smile:


My gig gone again. Don’t know what to do! :frowning:


had joined fiver a week ago made 4 clients and 5 sales from 1 gig and 730 impressions. on it. Canceled 1 order bcz of misundersteand and deleted that gig anyway. Now all my gigs nowhere on search, very bad search and system. nothing for 2-3 days not even msg or 1 impression