Why my gig doesn’t appear in search results? Please help


My gig was searching result’s 1st page. But since last 2 weeks, my gig doesn’t appear in Search Result. Why is this happening? I had changed title, tag after faced this problem. but still, this problem happening.
Please look at my gig


I don’t know. This is something you need to ask customer support.


Asking us to “look at your gig” will do nothing to affect where it shows up in search results. Generally, search result are a gig success issue. The more successful your gig is, the more positive reviews you earn, etc, the better it could rank in the results.

We, here on the forums, can do nothing to make your gig reappear on the 1st page of any search results. We do not have control over the search algorithm.


I just want to suggestion if my gig has any mistake like title,tag or anything. Thank you


Ask customer care…


There are no easy fixes that guarantee search engine placement. Like I said, if you want to improve your chances of ranking well in the Fiverr search results, you are going to have to deliver work, on time, that earns positive reviews.

For the most part, the Fiverr search algorithm seems to like featuring gigs (near the top of search results) that are successful, popular, well-reviewed. You do not deserve to be at the top of search results just because you want to be there. You are going to have to earn your visibility through hard work, great deliveries, strong tags/keywords, and by proving to Fiverr that your gigs are profitable and earn them money.

Fiverr makes money, when you make money, so gigs that make money are likely to be seen more, since Fiverr wants to make a profit whenever possible.

Become a great seller, with great gigs, and high reviews, and you may show up again in the search results. Good luck!


Jonbaas is right. The gigs you see in the top row of a category are most likely to be the ones that earn the most.


Happens to us all sometimes. Check with Fiverr Customer Support. They are great!


You could try this:


Did you edit your gig recently before searching for it? It can sometime fall off searches temporarily after being edited.


My gig was viewed by 1000+ in 2 days. after that, i saw this this problem.