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Why my gig doesnt appear in search results


I have created fiverr gig few days before. But still it doesn’t appear in search result. Im unable get my first order yet. Hope it happened due to that issue. How can i solve it. ?


Same Here bro… :frowning: need to solve it


Same problem . I create same 2 gigs. Both of them are not showing :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


It often takes 48 hours or more for a gig to appear in the search results. :wink:

Are you applying to Buyer Requests?


yes I did. nothing happened form buyers request. I have created my gig few weeks ago. :sweat_smile:


You must check Buyer Requests several times a day and make your offer quickly. :wink:

Only :ten: sellers from each level can submit offers. :slightly_smiling_face:

When I was level 0, many times I would be typing out my proposal and the buyer request would disappear because ten other 0 level sellers had already made offers. :open_mouth:


wow. I should try it. :smiley:
Thanks for your comments. i have to find a path to get orders with my sourceses as you told. :blush::blush:


Hi udeshk, if your gig is not showing in the search results then I think the problem is in your gigs title and tags. Fiverr shows search results a little bit matching to the queried phrases with the gig title and the tags. Which matches most that will be top on that specific search. Like if someone search “custom logo design” and in your gig title and tag you have included "custom logo design " then there is a huge possibility for your that gig to be in the top for that specific search results. As your gig is not doing so, I think you should optimize your gig and think how can a buyer will search for your niche. That may help you.


Thank you srndesignation I have created a gig for payroll creation. When i search “payroll” 57 results appear. I was wondered why my gig is not showing. I think the problem is in my gigs title and tags as you told. I should change my gig tags relating to title.
Thanks for your advice. :grinning::grinning:


As you are saying that on the search results there is 57 reult for “payroll” then there is a button on the search filters called "new arrival " try this.


Hi graphyprof, I think it is not a good idea. As I know they don’t allow to put same gig for two times. They have a tracking system to track it and will remove one of it when they found. Because they encourage us to put one gig for one area. Because of that your clients put their reviews for only one gig. A gig with more reviews will help you to obtain more jobs. :grinning:

But you can put two different title for those two gigs. For an example when you are selling ICON DESIGNING FOR A BUSINESS one of it could be “Business icon designing”, Other one you can put as "Corporate Icon designing".

Just try this.


Check your tags and description it should contain the words you want to rank your gig
add price and level filter and check all pages if your gig is showing or not