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Why my gig doesn't come up in search results

it’s been few days since I published my first gig on Fiverr and the gig is not searchable, it doesn’t appear in search results. I searched for my gig with different browser, I filtered results so only local sellers show up (there’re very few seller from my country) and my gig isn’t listed there. I included title and tags in the search request.
I googled and found that other people were complaining about the same issue on Fiverr’s forum and it’s been said that Fiverr doesn’t guarantee to include newcomer’s gigs in the search results. It’s been said that newcomers should promote their gigs and acquire buyer from outside Fiverr platform. Well, I neither have marketing skills nor have money for it. Is there any other way to make my gig show up in search results?

Its ok, as a new seller it takes time Here are some tips you could use! just click the link