Why my gig going down result?


Hello guys,

last two months i got many orders to my gig. But recent time my gig has no new order. I dont know what happened on my gig. Anyone here to help me to suggest me that how can i improve my gig.

My gig link : https://www.fiverr.com/joyce063/post-30-high-quality-forum-posts-on-any-forum

Give me solution please.



When fiver boost gigs it will come to fist page under Relevance then more people will see your gig and there is more opportunities to get orders and you should use this opportunity to do more sale and get positive feed back and move your gig on top on Best selling page.

On the Relevance page the same gig will not stay on same page always. When fiver boost some other gigs to give them a opportunity then your gig will go down.


You appear to have an issue with delivering orders on time, which I suspect may be because of how many posts you are offering within 1 - 15 days, depending on the package selected. Also:

Your one negative review that didn’t follow from you failing to deliver on time is an ‘eye - opener,’ and your response thereto does not repose confidence at all.

A properly crafted response to a negative review can altogether negate the effects of said review. Yours did not accomplish that, at all.


Hi,u had so many orders cancelled.and one person or a say buyers purchased urs gig.