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Why My GIG Going Down :(

Hello everyone. I dont know why my gig going down. Its show on a 1st page on 3rd row and know its on 3rd page . Please help me


Don’t worry. That’s a nature. Time to time its happening. Try to promote your gigs social media platforms.

Good Luck!

its not a problem, thousand gig here so… I can not found my gig even bottom ,but I sold 5 items this month

Thank You. But I never promote my gig on social media platforms. Where I promote on pages or group. Please guide me. Thanks

But I think around 3 month I dont get the order :frowning:

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Gigs drop in search results when you don’t get any orders on them.

So if I were you I would focus on improving my gig, or dropping my price or making a special offer for a few days, so it can maybe pick up on sales and start climbing in rankings again.


Hi glad to help you.

go to My sales > My gigs > click on the gig you want to share > click on Share

once you click on share you will find the social networking sites where you can share that particular gig.


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that’s not going to help.

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Hope this article also will help you to increase your sales :slight_smile:

  1. Send LOTS and LOTS of buyer requests - It seems futile and time consuming, but trust me, it is very useful. I found a lot of my bulk buyers through buyer requests only.
  2. Update your profile - Make your profile attractive to the seller. Keep attractive display image for your gigs. Also, if possible, add an animated video to your profile. Trust me, the gigs with video intros tend to have a lot more hits than just images.
  3. Try to convince the buyer as much as possible in the buyer requests options. Even though you can use luring words, you should refrain from making any false commitments or giving any false information to the buyer.
  4. Refer your friends - refer your profile on social media like facebook, youtube, google+, twitter etc. and you can attract customers from these platforms.
  5. Keep your gigs hard to resist - Let us just say that general market price for a logo designing gig is $5 per logo. You make an offer the buyer cannot refuse. For example, you give the buyer two logos for $5 and lots of revisions. This will be difficult in the beginning, since you won’t get as much returns as you put in hard work, but once you start building reviews, you can always top up the prices.
  6. Most important - BE PATIENT. It takes time, it takes patience, and trust me, in the end, you will get what you deserve.

Good Luck My Friend!!


Thanks Buddy :). I follow this steps and see the result :slight_smile:

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frank I improving my gig also change description and keywords. Still I dont know why I dont get orders and I charge only $5 right know

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Thanks for the tips! :slight_smile:

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Hi fantagiro, thanks for your valuable and effective information…

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Thanks for your special tips & suggestions.

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have to send buyer request, daily 10 request available for all… to send, follow :sunny: . Profile > selling > byer request.

Thanks a lot for your helpful tips.

You are most welcome! All the Best!! :thumbsup:

You are most welcome! All the Best! :thumbsup:

You’re most welcome! All the Best!! :thumbsup:

sometime it’s happen. My few weeks my gig also going down.