Why my gig has been denied?



You have been given the reason. Fiverr doesn’t allow such gigs.


It is a fake report I didn’t do this.


I think Fiverr has been tracking down essay writing gigs – They also explained the deny reasons there, but if you were not offering academic work, it’s likely the “essay” keyword triggered that.


Your gig’s still available in Google Cache:

_Hey. Thank you for checking my gig. If you are reading this you will put a little interest in my gig. _
I will assist you with your tasks. I am waiting for your response.
Service Type
Essay writing
With quotations


What about my pending clearance? by deleting gig.


They have asked me to delete it.


I believe you will still get the clearance – best you clarify with Customer Support. Maybe you can focus more on the summaries on researches that are non-academic as anything involving “doing” someone else’s academic work is being tracked and denied as a gig by Fiverr. That way you can still make use of your talents but still be in line with ToS :slight_smile:


I have to create new gig, they say we will appreciate it. your pending clearance will not be taken away.


Then I believe everything has been answered regarding your conerns. Hope you gain success again with your new gig. :smiley:


Thank you for your guidance.


you will get your money on time